How Do You REALLY Feel About Cum?

Are you willing to taste it?

OK, so…pornography, fantasy and desire aside, how do you actually feel about cum? Cum, in the most commonly referenced manner, is considered the hot, thick, gobby and salty nut-mayo that oozes from a satisfied penis.

That, in and of itself, excludes it from any and all possibility of ever ending up in the mouths of a good majority of men. Even their own. It is, after all…sperm. For a heterosexual male, once you swallow cum you always be a sperm-burper. It’s a stereotype and a stigma that is…simply just wrong.

Women, and gay men for that matter, are just expected to gleefully eat cum like it’s on the menu at the Capital Grille and they’re just lucky to be getting it for free. The problem is that until you get used to the entire idea of cum or unless you’re born with a natural love for it…cum is disgusting. Watch how this first-time facial girl reacts:

She may grow to love cum once she gives it a chance.

Here’s the thing…if your girl swallows your load, especially after you’ve been cervix-deep inside her, make sure you give her a big, sloppy-wet kiss with plenty of tongue to let her know you appreciate it. You’ll see that cum is nothing but another fluid produced during sex to be used for our enjoyment.

After you’ve learned to love cum in all forms — male and female alike — you’ll have the pleasure of taking a mouth full creampie cum and pussy juice and swapping it with your lover. NOTHING is more intimate.

Love the cum, people. Cum Swallow says so.

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