Sexy Cougar From Across The Hall Goes Balls Deep And Guzzles For A Bag Of Weed

This woman could charge new whores for lessons

*Guest submission to Cum Swallow’s Fan Fiction Faves

There comes a time in every young guy’s life that he has to ask himself just how willing he is to get a blowjob. It happened to me, anyway.

The woman across the hall and her husband are…friends. Of sorts. They buy weed from me and occasionally they’ll come by to burn one. They never come by asking for a free high, which I’ve always found commendable. That ended when the wife, who we’ll just call Cougar McBlowfabs, dropped by one afternoon quite unexpected.

She had just come from the gym, so she had that sweet smell of woman sweat on her; the kind that doesn’t quite stink but isn’t quite as feminine as her regular brand. She told me her hubby would be working late and that he had the cash, hoping I’d still be home later that evening. I told her I’d be more than happy to front it to her just in case.

That’s where it got interesting. Cougar McBlowfabs says to me:

“I don’t do fronts and we vowed to never take anything for free from others. But…I’d love to smoke out a bit if you’d let me trade you for something you could use.”

She moved in closer. She was warm. For an older woman, she still had that spark of sexy. I knew exactly where she wanted to go. As soon as I said, “but what about your,” she shut me down and told me they have an open marriage. Then she told me that she loves to suck dick and swallow cum and if I had a few minutes…she’d love to put a few million of my baby makers down her throat.

So…I’m thinking…this is hot. I sat down and packed the bong with the Sour Lemon Diesel and sat back for the best head of my life. The sounds she made and the way she moved…this woman knew her way around a cock. We took a break around halfway through to pack the bong again and then she finished…every last drop.

I told her she was welcome to come by any afternoon she’s free for a smoke and some cum. She giggled as she walked back across the hall.

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